Cloudbleed Hack (a quick note)

Do to the recent cloudbleed event I felt compelled to send an email out to my most contacted list. Thanks to CloudFlare’s full reporting of the situation nothing important of mine was accessed, it was one of the annual events that remind’s me to change passwords.

This event turned out to be helpful for me. The fact that I had to change passwords was not so great. Through sending email to the 100 people I have most contacted I reopened old lines of communications. Many of these people I have not been in contact with for months if not a year or two. I actually gained new business! I was not even trying to, but you better believe that next time there is a major security leak ill be on top sending and email to all my friends. Bellow is a copy of the email I sent out.


Hi, you are receiving this because some of my accounts recently got hacked. You may have already hear this from me or others I would simply like to make the situation clear. Only 2 unimportant things simply because I never use the same password twice. I ask 3 things from you.

  1. Report any strange activity you might see from any of my accounts.
  2. Read up on the situation at the link below.
  3. Change all important passwords. Remember never the same password twice, use a service like to get organised.

I have already changed my passwords, so hopefully there is no more issues.

In short what you need to know is CloudFlare exposed a bunch of data for the last 5 months. It was easily searchable because google indexed it. A large part of the web uses cloudflare including most of my websites. Many many big websites including CRM’s like zoho have been affected. Let me know if you have any questions.

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